Case Study: Growing SABDA, Digitally

Bringling the life of SABDA to the digital realm, Increasing their overall exposure, event revenue and ticket sales

SABDA Website


The Sales & Business Development Association approached us after they were having troubles launching their networking events digitally. The had just launched a new modern website bit had trouble driving traffic and selling tickets to their events. After getting Customer Relationship Management software and putting a solid advertising strategy in place we we’re able to double their event revenue and their online exposure.

Sales & Business Development Association 

Industry: Business Networking
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Size: 5


Company Bio

To support Sales and Executives in Business with Professionalism, and execute solutions to deliver effective and profitable outcomes.

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- Tim Jordan


2.2x ROAS

+50% Event Attendees

+200% Event Revenue

The Challenge

SABDA didnt have any data when they had first came to us. There was no database, no pixel installed on their website and most importantly no strategy for the future. What they did have was authority within their niche and over 100 years of relationships with local businesses. The board didnt have much experience with technology or digital marketing so there was a lot of resistance into moving their business in this direction but they knew it was neccesary for their business to survive. 

The Approach

Our first step was to analyse SABDA and their strengths against competitors, we then put together a plan of attack for the next 6 months. This involved building SABDA’s perfect ‘avatar’ and using that in our following advertising campaigns. 

We mapped out the next 6 months of SABDA Networking events and added value stacks to both the events and to SABDA memberships to entice event attendees to join as members. Having 6 months of events and guest speakers planned secured our onlinline marketing efforts and made it easier for us to sell event benefits. 

We finalised on a CRM platform for SABDA’s database and were able to utilise the email addresses that the SABDA board had obtained through networking at other events.

The Solution

We brought an online payment gateway for all future SABDA events and offered exclusive deals for members. This helped reduce costs of food and drinks at SABDA networking events as we were able to create bundle deals with vendors with an accurate number of attendees. 

We delved in deep on social media and niched down with our advertising campaigns to find the absolute best audience for SABDA events. Working with a small budget made it difficult to test audience specifics but using great ad copy and creatives helped us sell extra tickets.  

We spent some extra time editing SABDA’s website and social media platforms so they were optimised to help people find events and buy tickets.

To aid the new CRM implemented for SABDA we set up an email campaign using the email addresses from the networking events SABDA board members attended throughout the year. This email campaign was optimised to sell tickets to upcoming events and qualify business owners for interest in guest speaking at future SABDA events.

The Results